Cowboy Gathering of the Four Corners is the quintessential Cowboy Gathering of the west. There is no place in which the west is more alive than right here in Montezuma County and the Four Corners region.

We still regularly have cattle drives that impede the flow of traffic on state highways. It is impossible to make a trip to town without seeing cowboys and cowgirls in their hats, often with chaps and spurs strapped on. Furthermore, it is not all too uncommon to see a buckaroo ride his or her horse into town- either to the grocery store or the saloon. In fact, about the only thing that separates our community from the Wild West of a not-so-bygone era is the lack of gunfights, which were an exaggerated part of the True West anyhow.

We would love to have you join us for the First Annual Cowboy Gathering of the Four Corners. While you are here, be sure to visit historic downtown Cortez, Mesa Verde National Park, Mancos (Where the West Still Lives), and the beautiful river town of Dolores.